When To Order Your Bridal Gown

When To Order Your Bridal Gown

When To Order Your Bridal Gown. Mobile Image

As you start your search for the wedding dress of your dreams, you may be wondering what the dress shopping timeline looks like, and likely aren’t aware of just how much it involves. To help guide you through this exciting period of your life, here’s a timeline you can expect while wedding dress shopping:

6-8 Months Before Your Wedding


First things first, it’s important to recognize that wedding dresses aren’t mass produced or ready to wear out as you leave your first appointment. It can take several weeks before you select the perfect gown, and you’re looking at waiting at least another 6 months for your designer to handcraft your high-quality garment and ship it back to our boutique. For these reasons, we recommend that you start booking your bridal appointments 8 months prior to your wedding day.

6-8 Weeks Before Your Wedding


Once your gown arrives at our boutique, it’s time for alterations! The alterations process involves multiple fitting appointments over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, during which you’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments or personal embellishments to your dress. Although we work very closely with your designer throughout the initial ordering process to have your gown made to your liking from the get-go, alterations are a crucial step in ensuring you get an absolutely flawless fit.

A Final Note:


If, for whatever reason, you have found yourself in a time crunch, please rest assured knowing that you still have options. Many designers offer rush orders, which will cut down your gown’s production time, but comes with a $250-$500 fee. To avoid any extra costs, just remember: it’s never too early to start dress shopping.

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