What To Expect at Your First Bridal Consultation and What To Bring

What To Expect at Your First Bridal Consultation and What To Bring

At Nouvelle Vogue Bridal in California, we know that picking your dream wedding dress is likely something you’ve dreamed of for years. A journey to our exclusive bridal salon is perfect for the sophisticated bride looking for an unforgettable experience. Here are some guidelines for what to expect at your first consultation with us:



When scheduling your first bridal consultation with Nouvelle, we want you to know that all appointments are private. A 90-minute period of uninterrupted time will be given to the bride and her guests to choose the perfect gown. 


The first 10 minutes of your consultation will be spent answering some questions from our staff to help find the perfect wedding dress to suit your needs. Some of these questions include asking what your wedding location is, when it will take place, and what your budget is. It’s also important for us to know whether your wedding is formal, casual, intimate, or a large event with over 75 guests. We also need to know what time of day your wedding is because certain gowns look better in the sun or by candlelight.


Because we offer such a broad, unique selection of wedding dresses from all over the world at Nouvelle, we want to make sure that our expertise will allow us to define the bride’s personal style. Many brides can get overwhelmed with all of the options to choose from, so we want to make sure we narrow down exactly what you’re looking for to help find the perfect dress for your wedding. It’s okay for you to not be sure what you want because our responsibility is narrowing down the choices for you! 


During your consultation with Nouvelle, we tend to offer two selections. For the first selection, we spend some time getting to know you as a person and try to define what kind of bride you want to be. Are you more romantic, sexy, sleek, or simple? We believe that it’s more than just finding the perfect dress - it’s an opportunity to do some soul searching in a world where women aren’t always encouraged to pamper themselves. In our second selection, we bring up the best dresses that we’ve found for you. We weigh the pros and cons after looking at each dress. It’s helpful to eliminate certain styles at this time so we can find the perfect dress! 



Make sure you wear nude underwear to your consultation, as a lot of wedding dresses are sheer these days. It’s also helpful because nude looks great under any dress shade! You can opt for wearing a strapless bra as well to make things easier, but some dresses will actually come with cups inside so you don’t even have to wear a bra. 

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