Interview with designer Gemy Maalouf

Interview with designer Gemy Maalouf


Where is your design atelier?

Our main house is located in Lebanon.


What is your background and has your heritage influenced your design, if so, how? 

I’ve always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. My dad had a fabric factory so I used to play around with fabrics, threads and sewing machines by doing my private runways. So, that was my main source of inspiration.


Who in the fashion world inspires you now or inspired you growing up?

Every season I can get inspired from a different person but my favorites are Valentino and Alexander Macqueen; they elaborate my imagination while designing.


How did you start your career in fashion design?

In 1997, I was visiting for the first time, Salon du Pret a Porter. While I was there I said “Next year I will be here choosing for my own brand” and that’s how my journey started.


How do you describe your bridal look or style, do you have a “signature” look?

While designing a wedding dress I always have the will to let the bride be impressed by her dream dress. So, I always think about a modern bride who’s free of constraints, strong and unique but exquisitely feminine. As a signature look, I am known with corsets and draping details that are always available in each collection.



Can you share with us your first steps of creating a new design? Where does the inspiration come from?

Fabrics are always my source of inspiration. So first steps of creating my new collection is choosing the fabrics that inspire me while looking at, materials and textures that challenge me and make me excited to work and create new ideas. Plus, the main challenge is how I will mix them together.

You design evening wear as well as bridal, how does the style differ?

Actually, while designing a bridal collection, I concentrate on the bride itself and how I will let her emotionally fly while wearing her dream dress. However, while creating the evening collection I think about the woman in general especially the one that represents our persona.


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