The Hidden Gem: Interview With Chantal & Saida Of Nouvelle Vogue Bridal Boutique

The Hidden Gem: Interview With Chantal & Saida Of Nouvelle Vogue Bridal Boutique

Imagine walking down the aisle with the perfect wedding dress that represents your unique love story. Do you see what your wedding dress looks like? Nouvelle Vogue has been in the bridal dress fashion business since 2005. It offers exclusive designer dress options with sophistication, uniqueness, and elegance in mind. The people behind the scene are Saida and ChantalThey dedicate their fashion expertise to helping brides find their unique and elegant wedding dressesIn this interview, Saida and Chantal share their personal insights and experiences in the bridal fashion business and other helpful tips for wedding dress shopping.


Saida & Chantal of bridal boutique san francisco

Saida & Chantal - the owners of Nouvelle Vogue


What makes you passionate as the owner of Nouvelle Vogue?


C&S: We're enthusiastic in helping brides find gowns that reflect their individuality without sacrificing style and comfort. We guide them down the best path to ensure that the process of searching becomes more enjoyable and less exhausting. Additionally, we want to help brides comprehend the various wedding dress options so that they can make an informed choice. It involves instructing them on fabrics, shapes and color. In addition, it allows them to create a foundation for their wedding dress style.


Julie Vino high end wedding dresses

Julie Vino - Haute Couture 2023 Bridal collection


What bridal dress shopping problems do you resolve through your bridal boutique?


C&S: We have seen women struggle to find a dress they like that fits their body and their style preferences. We support the idea of uniqueness and exclusivity. We understand the diversity of body shapes and customer preferences. Our goal is to find a dress that a bride will wear in confidence without sacrificing comfort, uniqueness, and modernity.



What tips can you give the Bride for a stress free wedding day? 


C&S: Constant stress is not healthy. An unhealthy body reflects on the skin's aesthetics. We want our brides to look their best on their wedding day. We recommend that brides get enough rest and nutrition. Helpful stress relievers are yoga and meditation. We encourage brides to do what effectively helps them de-stress.



What makes your fashion boutique unique?


C&S: Our fashion experience has roots in France. We offer brides a Paris-salon-style bridal dress shopping experience. Also, our approach to fashion encompasses a detailed selection of dress materials. Moreover, we have been in the bridal fashion industry since 2005. We carry almost 2 decades of fashion industry knowledge. We know what our brides want and what works well for them.


Gemy Maalouf unique wedding dress

Gemy Maalouf - Bridal 2023 collection


What is a challenging part of being in the bridal dress fashion business?


C&S: One of the challenges in this industry is the selection process for the following season. We do not randomly select a dress. We go to great lengths to find dresses that are appropriate for a season's collection. It takes months before we finalize the collection. We partner with like-minded designers who value uniqueness, glamour, and couture quality gowns. We live up to our reputation as the hidden gem of the San Francisco Bay areaWe ensure a collection of diverse and unique dresses for them.


Julie Vino high end wedding dresses

Julie Vino - Haute Couture 2023 Bridal collection


 What are the top 5 things you think a bride should bring during her dress shopping experience?


C&S: Our salon makes the dress shopping experience memorable and comfortable for every visitor. The experience gets better for brides when they bring helpful things to their appointment. We believe the top 5 things to bring during wedding dress shopping are shapewear clothing, nude underwear, heels, pictures of dress designs in mind, and an honest and supportive entourage.



What budget planning advice can you give the bride for the wedding dress?


C&S: We understand the fit issues and differences of our brides. We encourage them to consider the cost of potential alterations  to their perfect wedding dress when making a budget. Additionally, we believe that brides can reduce the risk of an issue on their wedding day when they plan their wedding months prior to the event. There may be certain changes which will require modifications to their dress. Many of our brides lose or gain weight in the weeks or months before their wedding day. We recommend them to create a budget for these modifications.  


bridal boutique san francisco

Nouvelle Vogue Bridal Boutique - Front store


What should a bride expect for her first bridal consultation?


C&S: The bridal consultation phase entails a brief question-and-answer session. We recommend that brides have a clear estimate of their budget and provide the details of their wedding location and date. A clear description of their wedding theme helps us narrow down options. Moreover, we prefer the brides to research some designs they like. They can show us photos of those designs. It helps speed up the process of finding the perfect dress.


bridal boutique san francisco

Nouvelle Vogue Bridal Boutique - Inside the store


What general advice do you give to a bride before she chooses her wedding dress?


C&S: Every bride has a different style and fashion preference. What works well for a friend or sister may not be for the bride. We believe that the perfect dress is the one that makes a bride excited to wear it on her wedding day. It is the right one if it also represents the bride’s personality. At Nouvelle Vogue, brides are not alone in the selection process. We guide them to the right dress for their special day.



What wedding dress style is perfect for any body shape?


 C&S: We believe that A-line wedding dresses fit almost all body shapes. A-line styles balance a woman's physique. For example, it balances the figure of a woman with a plus-size bust. Moreover, it helps add shape to a straight body shape. A-line dresses are not the only option. Nouvelle Vogue is here to help brides find the right dress that does not require them to mask their insecurities. We are here to help make these insecurities an asset for the special day.



Which designer is most outstanding in Summer 2022?


C&S: We are proud of our partnership with Savin London. He combines timeless couture with artistic effort in his dresses. Among his refined creations is a glamorous blend of silks, laces, and hand-painted works. Many brides also love the uniqueness and elegance of his wedding dress designs.


high end wedding dresses

Savin London - Style# Evelyna 2023 Bridal collection


Which other designers do you partner with?


C&S: We partner and build long-term relationships with global designers, mostly from Europe. These designers include Tal Kedem, Savin London, Julie Vino, Francesca Miranda, and more.

They commit to the creation of their masterpieces for brides looking for unique and elegant wedding dresses. Also, their designs are a blend of high-end style and comfort. Each design has a distinct individuality that allows the wearer to be more expressive.


Julie Vino high end wedding dresses

Julie Vino - Haute Couture 2023 Bridal collection

Parisian-Style-Salon for Unique and Modern Brides


 Nouvelle Vogue has been in the wedding fashion business for at least a decade. This experience enables us to be experts in helping different types of brides find the perfect gown. Nouvelle Vogue is the hidden gem in the San Francisco Bay area where brides find the right dresses for their special day. 

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