How to Find the Perfect Silhouette For Your Body Type

How to Find the Perfect Silhouette For Your Body Type

 Although finding your dream wedding dress is a lovely experience, it can also be an equally overwhelming one. We often find that many brides battle personal anxieties regarding their figure, and dress shopping can be particularly triggering in this aspect — but it shouldn't have to be. At Nouvelle Vogue, we love helping brides feel beautiful on their wedding day, so we’ve created a quick guide on different body types and the silhouettes that favor them:

Hourglass Body Types

If you have a defined waist and even hips and shoulders, you likely have an hourglass body type. The mermaid silhouette is designed to highlight your curves, rather than slim them, making this a lovely option for hourglass body types.

Rectangle Body Types

If your hips, waist, and shoulders measure out uniformly, you likely have a rectangle body type. This body type is favored by the A-line, ball gown, and fit and flare silhouettes, which all create volume in whichever areas of your figure you’d prefer to add some curves to.

Triangle Body Types

If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you likely have a triangle body type! This type’s bottom half holds more volume than its upper half, so we recommend the A-line silhouette. The A-line gently slants around your curves, slimming your waist and accentuating your bust.

Inverted Triangle Body Types

If your hips are narrower than your shoulders, you likely have an inverted triangle body type. To help create a proportionately balanced look, lean towards dress silhouettes with plenty of volume in the lower half to emphasize your hips, like the ball gown!

With all of this being said, please remember that every woman is unique. Your dress should reflect your style and personality, as well as make you feel confident and comfortable! The key to looking your best is simple: feeling your best.

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