A Sneak Peek into Amrany Ayala Bridal Couture

A Sneak Peek into Amrany Ayala Bridal Couture

A Sneak Peek into Amrany Ayala Bridal Couture. Mobile Image

White Fantasy 2023 Collection – An Exquisite Take on Timeless Elegance

What’s in style for 2023? Here’s a  sneak peek into the White Fantasy 2023 collection from Amrany Ayala. These exquisite, stylish bridal couture pieces are inspired by the minimalistic style of the 1990s, featuring a more simplistic design language with an emphasis on precision and attention to detail. This collection exudes a cosmopolitan feel, combining sexiness and sophistication with remarkable accuracy.

 This collection includes stunning bridal dresses with sheer fabrics, plunging necklines, and draped fabrics with clean lines and meticulous design.


A Closer Look at the Pieces from the White Fantasy 2023 Collection

The White Fantasy 2023 Collection from Amrany Ayala features 8 exclusive wedding dresses. These elegant bridal gowns feature a minimalist take on style including a see-through bodice, detachable sleeves, and deep back cleavages. Simple yet elegant and sultry.



Amrany Ayala Bridal Versailles Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

Amrany Ayala Bridal Versailles Dress 

Take this piece for instance. It is a two-parter consisting of a sophisticated European crepe corset with hand-crafted flower decor and an asymmetrical dress. The two parts are made of the same exquisite fabric. It hugs the bride’s curves creating a look of elegance and class. 



Amrany Ayala Bridal Spring Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

Amrany Ayala Bridal Spring Dress

Next up, we have an elegant light-collar dress that features a handmade plissé bodice placed on a see-through corset. It is completed by the asymmetrical Italian crepe silhouette with a high slit on the skirt to show off the bride’s legs. If you want to give out more of a royalty air, there are included detachable plissé sleeves that make the dress look richer and more impressive.



Amrany Ayala Bridal Emris Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

Amrany Ayala Bridal Emris Dress

How about this sultry Mermaid-style gown? The mermaid silhouette boasts a minimalistic yet luxurious style that is sure to turn heads. It features a Victorian corset with accent lines to emphasize the bride’s natural curves. The dress is made of an elegant Italian satin crepe. To add more character, it also comes with detachable sleeves with pearl buttons.


Exploring How Each Piece Captures Timeless Elegance

Amrany Ayala wants to capture timeless elegance with the White Fantasy 2023 Collection. Going back to the minimalist-style wedding dresses of the 90s, the collection was able to come up with romantic designs that are sure to capture a bride’s fantasy dress. 



Amrany Ayala Bridal Serai Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

 Amrany Ayala Bridal Serai Dress

This delicate, romantic dress is a great example of this design choice. The strapless dress features a see-through underbust bodice made of French lace and plissé tulle in a sun-like pattern. It comes with a thin tulle ribbon to emphasize the bride’s waist. It has an asymmetrical silhouette with detachable plissé sleeves with ribbons.



Amrany Ayala Bridal Gabriel Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

Amrany Ayala Bridal Gabriel Dress

For a bride that wants an edgier chic dress, this dress should be a timeless choice. It is made of high-quality Italian crepe that is both rich and elegant. It has a figure-hugging fit with an asymmetrical line, a deep back cleavage, and a huge bow as an accent piece. This is a bridal gown for those who want a sexy and naughty look for their wedding day.



Amrany Ayala Bridal Noor Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

Amrany Ayala Bridal Noor Dress

This strapless piece will make any bride exude an aura befitting royalty. The dress features a bodice structured on a sultry corset with asymmetrical folds. The silhouette is wrapped around the bride’s figure and features a deep slit to show off the legs. The dress is made entirely of high-end Mikado fabric. It also includes a large bow to round out the look.


What Makes Each Piece Special in The White Fantasy 2023 Collection?

The White Fantasy 2023 Collection is not just another typical collection of couture wedding dresses. Each piece is specially made with handmade details and custom-made designs. Each dress is made with Amrany Ayala’s vision of delivering minimalist design with precision and attention to detail.



Amrany Ayala Bridal Kai Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

Amrany Ayala Bridal Kai Dress

This dress shows off those characteristics. Made out of exquisite satin fabric, this piece is both smooth and soft. The bodice features a folded design with a double crease style in the front and back. The silhouette features a double asymmetrical skirt with a deep slit for added sexiness. It also has satin adornment embedded for added character.



Amrany Ayala Bridal Kiara Dress - Nouvelle Vogue Bridal

Amrany Ayala Bridal Kiara Dress

Last but not the least, this asymmetrical dress features a bodice with a flower-like flap. Underneath, it has a precise, hand-sewn pearl pattern that adds texture and elegance. The silhouette is a wrap with a deep slit to show off the legs of the bride. This is a minimalist sexy dress that will definitely make the groom adore the bride.


Where to Shop These Exclusive Wedding Dresses of  Amrany Ayala?


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As with all designer wedding dresses in San Francisco, the Amrany Ayala White Fantasy 2023 Collection will be available in Nouvelle Vogue Bridal. This collection will also be showcased during the Amrany Ayala bridal couture trunk show.

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